Spring 2022 Seminar


Unless noted in bold below, all seminars take place at 3 pm UK time on Thursdays.  Please note that titles are subject to change.  Speakers denoted with an asterisk (*) will take place on Zoom.  In-person seminars in St Andrews (COVID conditions permitting) will be live-streamed.

If you would like to be on our seminar E-mail list, please contact David Jaeger.

Date Speaker Affiliation Paper
20.1 No seminar
27.1 Claudia Olivetti* Dartmouth College and NBER Female Labor Force Participation and Intergenerational Mobility
03.2 Antonella Bancalari University of St Andrews and IFS Resource Windfalls and Local Labor Markets: Evidence from Peru
10.2 Petra Moser* New York University and NBER Women in Science:  Lessons from the Baby Boom
17.2 Markus Gehrsitz University of Strathclyde and IZA Does a Spoonful of Sugar Levy Help the Calories Go Down? An Analysis of the UK Soft Drinks Industry Levy
24.2 No seminar: Spring Break
03.3 Valeria Rueda University of Nottingham and CEPR Gender Differences in Reference Letters: Evidence from the Economics Job Market
10.3 Peter Hull* Brown University and NBER Systemic Discrimination: Theory and Measurement
17.3 Sir Richard Blundell University College London, IFS, IZA, and CEPR Wage Progression, Human Capital and Labour Market Inequality”
24.3 Sara Heller* University of Michigan and NBER “Predicting and Preventing Gun Violence: An Experimental Evaluation of READI Chicago”
31.3 Sarah Cattan IFS and IZA Social Networks, Elite Education and Intergenerational Mobility
07.4 Philip Oreopoulos* University of Toronto, IZA, and NBER What Does a Good Teacher Sound Like? Using Audio Files to Predict Teacher Effectiveness
14.4 Melanie Lührmann Royal Holloway, University of London and IFS Local Economic Conditions and Subjective House Price Expectations
12.5 Tim Moore Purdue University and NBER


Also of Interest

The School of Economics and Finance Seminar will host several speakers of interest to applied microeconomists this semester. The seminar meets from 11:15 to 12:30 UK time on Tuesdays, online on Zoom unless note.. For more information about attending these seminars, please contact Irina Merkurieva.

Date Speaker Affiliation Paper
08.2 Catia Batista NOVA and IZA Can Information and Alternatives to Irregular Migration Reduce ‘Backway’ Migration?”
22.3 Margherita Fort University of Bologna, IZA, and CEPR Multi-cutoff RD designs with observations located at each cutoff: problems and solutions”
29.3 (in person) Cevat Giray Aksoy King’s College London, EBRD, and IZA Cancelled, to be rescheduled in Fall 2022.


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